Sunday, July 28, 2013

Behind The Wall

The moment when Raihan step in in his house, everything seems so quiet to him. His housemates did not say anything, nor actually give a sign to silent himself. He did what he had to do, unpacking his luggage and putting everything to a place where it supposed to be. 


The unexpected event that denied his beliefs that everything is fine, the mismatch based on astonishment, this was really triggered to the secretion of his adrenaline hormone. Raihan and Khalid rushed themselves into Daniel's room. Not a word could explain their thoughts. Not a word could describe their feelings. They saw a body holding a gun of IOF 32 Revolver laying down on the floor. A dead body.


"knock! knock! knock!"

"Daniel, are you coming out? I bought some Pizza", Raihan asked.

"No, it's okay. I'll be fine. I'm full", Daniel replied.

"Alright. I'll left some Pizza for you"


"You're welcome"

It's already 1.15 pm. Raihan took his car key and went out to Surau. When it comes to weekend, nothing is fun than sitting in the library taking a shot to prepare some notes, otherwise, he'll have to catch up with the lectures.

End the pray with Dua and salam, ensuring that he will not leave the sajdah in rush. He practice what his dad taught him to do.

"Never perform your sollah with mind full of doubtfulness, never pray in the absence of honesty in your heart and never leave your sajdah in rush, because Allah is the Almighty, He, that control every single thing, what's beneath the earth and what lies in the sky. He will ease everything for you when you find your time to worship Him."

It only took 6 minutes from his house to the library by car. Ensuring himself that he will try his best for this semester isn't something easy when he always find himself snowed under the assignment and cases to read. 

(to be continue..)

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