Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Rise of Female Dominance vs The Barriers of Their Dominance.

Time goes by, globalization is everywhere and female dominance had show their contributions and role in shaping a world modernization. Even though they are not in the same level of dominance as compared to male, yet their role and position in decision-making and keeping the economic flow goes smoothly is undeniable. On the other hand, the barriers are there, slowing down their journey to the top.

Take a nearest example. Something that everyone admit about that. In Malaysian education itself. The total number of female students are far beyond the total number of male students. Even in my class, the total number of female students are double the total number of male students. In fact, female students dominate approximately 64.8 percents total intake into public universities. I wonder if this might be the era towards the extinction of educated male?? No wonder our Prime Minister's wife quoted that such program like Selangkah Ke Universiti (One Step To University) was organized to motivate male students to continue their education at university level.

Well, bravo for that, but how many of us knew that the facts that men are actually giving some space for women in education?!!!

Wow! chill out brah. By the way, maybe I need to find a better and accurate words for that. Even the facts that women contribute more than half of the intake's percentage into public universities, however their number who failed to get a job are also double the men's statistics. Human Resources Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said the Education Ministry statistics showed that more female graduates failed to get a job that is of 21 760 as compare to men which is 10 240. This is actually due to market demands.

Not enough with that, their role also has spread into the economic development, specifically in business. Looking at those aunts at supermarket, trading their stuff is enough to illustrates their dominance. Alright, let's take a real serious view. One of it is in China, future-dominance-economic country in the world, showed from the statistics is that the number of female directorate officers in the civil service increased from 35 in 1981 to 368 in 2008. However, even with that, plus together with the fact that women are increasingly well represented in such professions and field like law, medicine and so forth, but their decision-making are still on the low level.

Concluding Remarks

People trying to show the rise of female dominance, but the barriers are still there. Note to myself and readers, I'm trying as hard as possible not to discriminate any gender. Feminist person always seek for equality to be prevail. Sometimes, equality does not mean if male got 'A', female also need to have an 'A'. Somehow equality means something that one's due. What he and what she is deserved to have.

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