Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Journey and A Scary Bus Driver.


Well actually I'm not going to tell about what was happening during the MUET's examination. ^^ Somehow, after my MUET, I took the bus from chini to kuantan.

What I wanted to tell is my experience during my journey from Chini to Kuantan and from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur.

Ok, while almost every passengers in the bus (Chini - Kuantan) were sleeping, I was really felt uncomfortable since I felt like I was sitting on the rock. So, I can't really concentrate on my sleepy mood. I took the chance to observed their behaviour. Observed ? haha. :P
This would be much fun than sitting and listening to some kind of old song. Out of the blue, I saw the driver's eyes. He's closing his eyes ! hoho..

The bus driver actually driving the bus in his sleepy
mood. Gosh, it is obvious and he kept doing his 'head-banging dancing'. You know...up and down..up and down while his right foot kept pressing on the accelerate pedal. haha..
And what did I do ? Kept looking at him la..haiya. ^^ Alhamdulillah, we got there safely. teettt.

Oh, before we getting down from the bus, I saw one girl, age around 18-20 I guess. Received 10 bucks from the bus conductor after they had a short conversation. "buat belanja.." If I'm not mistaken, this is what I heard la..hmm..actually she does looks like a good girl. An educated girl. Somehow after received the money, she turned back and saw me saw her received the money. Right after that, she turned to the front again. Oh yeah, I guess the other two girls which is her friends also saw what she did. ^^o

Now, this is the story of my journey from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur. It's all began with this. When I showed to him my ticket, he was looking at me. Gave back my ticket, allowed me to enter the bus. He's looking at me again. I guess it's normal. To ensure that I'm not some kind of terrorist. :P

My seat number is 1. A single chair. *I don't like stranger sitting besides me, and the reason why I love to sit at the front is because the driver is the only person I trust in the bus.

The seats on the first raw was merely filled by me and no one on the second raw. I guess there were only about 14-17 of passengers in the bus. Now, the journey began. Everything was normal. Up till I heard the bus driver was talking to himself. erk ? o.O

At first, I'm just ignoring him. But he started to freaking me out when he kept turning around and looking at me. What the ?? Seriously ! I was pretending to sleep, and he kept doing so while talking to himself.

Well, the driver was not as handsome as this guy la.. ^^. But this is how he did.

There were two road accident occurred. As the bus passing by each of the accident. He was babbling to himself. oh yeah, the part when he turn around a few seconds to see me, he also did so while talking...anddd laughing. perhhhh...scary wohhh. I looked at my watch, it is now almost 8 pm. So, everything turns darker. The bus driver now kept looking on the mirror to see the passengers at the back. I also did turn at the back to see them. Almost everyone were sleeping.

Looking in the mirror, then turning around to look at me. Talking to himself and laughing.


I felt like I was the only one in the bus. Ever watched any thriller movie when the character in the bus or taxi, plus in the middle of a night and then suddenly the driver talking to himself and looking at that character ? Yeah, that is the situation. haha..What I did ? I stand up, walking to the back, find an empty seat and sat there.

But everything was fine. As soon as I reached to KL around at 9.15 pm, straight away I got down from the bus. ^^

Thats all. ^^


peep said...

obviously he is a gay.. haha

syaiful aidil said...

haha..I believe so.. ^^

Bakhtiar said...

just punch his close..haiyaaa,,,haha

Bakhtiar said...

just punch his closed..haha