Thursday, April 28, 2011

Panic! At The Disco - Sarah Smiles

Peace be upon you.

I would like to apologize that I cannot make it for the continous part for my previous entry. It's quite long actually. I mean, really a long one. From neo-marxist theory, orthodox economics theory, the opinion from the Poulantzas, the idea from Keynes a reseacher from Britain talked about the role of the ruler in economy, the structuralist theory, about the 5 reasons why the ruler should play a crucial part in economy, etc.

These are among the theories which led to a role of a ruler or a government or a party who held their position to rule the country, to organise and manage the economic as well as prepare the economic structure. Indirectly, illustrating the idea of democracy of where we choose the leader to choose the future of our country in a way of financial and economic matters.

I just want to share this new favourite song. ^^


Arif Azmi said...

Wah2.. Panjang2.. XD.. Macam-macam ada!

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syaiful aidil said...

panjang ? kau menganjing ke apa? haha!