Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The People's Sovereignty.

May the peace, mercy and blessing of Allah be upon you.

Before I get into the main points of this entry, I would like to make a brief of two things I've done for today and yesteday ever since I did not up date any new entry for yesterday.

Number one; there wasn't much thing I did yesterday except for attended international book fair. Unless you are a person who came just to play around, then it is not a risk for me to assume which you would understand that attending a book fair will took you a whole day. That's it for yesterday.

Number two; for today, spending some time with my friends at swimming pool, having our breakfast at mamak store, playing a guitar and chatting around was really a fun things to do especially when I was not being around with them lately. So, it was a great relief for me.

Alright, let's get straight to the point. This entry is not about supporting any political party or promoting any political ideology. I just want to make a short comment in regards with the power of the people. The power to choose.

"err..." o.O

Neither the Sarawak general election nor the power of the people to choose are a new story to tell. People usually tend to give out their criticism petaining to the process of the election. Basically, it is not my intention to do that. But a criticism and a short comment which regards to the attitude showed among our society who do not care about their right to detemine the future of their country.

We live in one of the country which practicing democracy. So, maximise the advantages.

"What is democracy ?"

Of course, there are a few definitions on what is actually democracy. Yet, the most preferable definition brought by this term is about the government of the people, by the people and for the people. I'm not in a position to explain further on the concept of democracy since I am pretty sure it is not a poblem for you to understand it.

Bear in mind, when you choose your leader, you are about to choose the economic patterns, lifestyle and so forth. These are the people who are going to decide how to use your money and limit your budget.

"Does economy correlated with the politics ?"

Take an acoount who decide, promoting or regulate any economic laws. Somehow these guy will use the economic way to stabilise their political position. I meant, most of the time. We choose them, for them, to serve to enhance the national financial, thus lead us to a better lifestyle.

I believe I already told about what is deregulation in my previous entry entitled, Financial Laws and Money Management: Crisis.

It is about the removement of the government control in financial business especially. People complaint, they do their job. Have you wondeing what kind of things / matters which people usually complaining about ? Financial stuff isn't it ?

Can you picture that ? I'm trying to show the connections between choosing you leader in politics indirectly, choosing the future of your country in a very very very short way in terms of economy.

to be continue..

p.s1: this is the second entry which have two parts. Another entry is entitled, The Quran Being Divine: Part 1


p.s2: I might continue for the second part the day after tomorrow since I have something to do tomorrow.

May the peace, mercy and blessing of Allah be upon you.

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Arif Azmi said...

Malaysian politics means having the media playing everything that co-relates with politics which dictates them to believe in the vague one sided story.. Haizz..

Aku bercakap dengan Barack Obama dan Mark Zuckerberg!

syaiful aidil said...

yup..unlike India..we practicing democracy..but not totally democracy. The government will used as much medium as they can to convinced the people.