Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Event: Malaysia International Game Show

Hey guys! Okay, as what we can see on the title of the entry above,
Malaysia International Game Show will be held at
Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, 59200, Kuala Lumpur.
This event will be held for three consecutive days starting from
December 2nd (Friday) up till December 4th (Sunday)!
See ya guys there! ;)

p.s: i just took a random picture somewhere on our Mr. Google. ^^

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Book Review - Beduk Diketuk

Peace be upon you. Well, this is it. My first book review. ^^,

Actually I saw this segment of 'Beduk Diketuk' somewhere on the local paper before. Never have any awareness of 'try to read it'. But when my sister bought it, out of the blue the question crossed in my mind.

"what is so interesting about it?"

Well, my first impression after I read the first article. I was like. It is good. Honestly, it is just a light reading yet full of messages simply trying to put forward. Go and buy it. It's worth to read. You guys also may read it in the Solusi magazine.

Thank you.

The Rise of Female Dominance vs The Barriers of Their Dominance.

Time goes by, globalization is everywhere and female dominance had show their contributions and role in shaping a world modernization. Even though they are not in the same level of dominance as compared to male, yet their role and position in decision-making and keeping the economic flow goes smoothly is undeniable. On the other hand, the barriers are there, slowing down their journey to the top.

Take a nearest example. Something that everyone admit about that. In Malaysian education itself. The total number of female students are far beyond the total number of male students. Even in my class, the total number of female students are double the total number of male students. In fact, female students dominate approximately 64.8 percents total intake into public universities. I wonder if this might be the era towards the extinction of educated male?? No wonder our Prime Minister's wife quoted that such program like Selangkah Ke Universiti (One Step To University) was organized to motivate male students to continue their education at university level.

Well, bravo for that, but how many of us knew that the facts that men are actually giving some space for women in education?!!!

Wow! chill out brah. By the way, maybe I need to find a better and accurate words for that. Even the facts that women contribute more than half of the intake's percentage into public universities, however their number who failed to get a job are also double the men's statistics. Human Resources Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said the Education Ministry statistics showed that more female graduates failed to get a job that is of 21 760 as compare to men which is 10 240. This is actually due to market demands.

Not enough with that, their role also has spread into the economic development, specifically in business. Looking at those aunts at supermarket, trading their stuff is enough to illustrates their dominance. Alright, let's take a real serious view. One of it is in China, future-dominance-economic country in the world, showed from the statistics is that the number of female directorate officers in the civil service increased from 35 in 1981 to 368 in 2008. However, even with that, plus together with the fact that women are increasingly well represented in such professions and field like law, medicine and so forth, but their decision-making are still on the low level.

Concluding Remarks

People trying to show the rise of female dominance, but the barriers are still there. Note to myself and readers, I'm trying as hard as possible not to discriminate any gender. Feminist person always seek for equality to be prevail. Sometimes, equality does not mean if male got 'A', female also need to have an 'A'. Somehow equality means something that one's due. What he and what she is deserved to have.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Individual Rights: Amendment of AUKU 1974

Section 15 of University and College University Act (AUKU) will be amend consistent under Political Transformation Program (PTP). Those who reached the age of majority are allowed to join a political party, yet in order to maintain a university role as an academic institution, the government said that the politics of parties shall not allowed be brought into it.

The reforms was due to the freedom of individual. Speaking of which most of the students keep saying that this is their right was in fact true, and I shall not have any objection on that. Personally, I met many of them who showed their eagerness in politics yet does not show any maturity in giving argument prudently. Giving argument does not mean we condemn a particular thing. It is two different things. Sometimes we might think that we know about 'A', but the question is, do we know the reasons of 'A' ?

For instance, most of us know what the hell is 'BERSIH 2.0'. However, how many of us knew who lead BERSIH 2.0? What is their demands? Other than 8 of their demands, how many of us knew about their demands in regards with freedom of religion? How many of us knew about NED was in fact the crucial part of that demonstration? Do they even know what is NED???

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Myanmar Lead ASEAN.

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has agreed to let Myanmar lead the bloc in 2014.Much expectations has been put upon the country to made changes and reform towards the improvements.

As I view the matter, Myanmar need to do the improvement much on the part of democracy on their own country. It is undeniable that previously the country has been rejected from taking the role as they face a lot on the human rights issues especially among the politicians of their country.

However, as far as I concerned, the decision was made unanimously. So, I believed, the decision was made upon the faith and current factors that allowed the Myanmar to take over the top position to lead ASEAN in 2014.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

See, How Strong My Mum.. :)

A human body can bear upto only 45 del (unit) of pain.
Yet, a woman can feel upto 57 del (unit) of pain during child birth.
It is the same as 20 of your bones have been fractured.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Be Professional, Or Be A Hero ?

The Examination

I used to face in some kind of emotional-based situations. Maybe something like when my friends asked me the answer in period of an examination. Somehow I feel so pity to him or her, looking their face. damn! yet, it always end up with..


or maybe some sort of non-verbal language expressing that i do not have any idea for that particular question.

There are only 3 reasons in this circumstances.

1. I do not know the answer though.
2. I don't want to give an answer.. "dude, it is my hard work"
3. I'm just being professional.

out of these 3 reasons, the third one is my priority. I mean, it does affects me the most. I don't bother when people say to me..

"come on la..kawan2 beb.."

"ishh..terok gila kau.."

Well, rules are rules.

The Work

You are a bank officer, and there is a girl who make a loan to a bank and bought a house. She doesn't do the payment. What should you do? Confiscate the house, right. The moment she came by to your office, begging you to extend the date yet you do not have any authority in that particular field.

What would you do?

Break the rules and be a hero?

or just follow the procedure? For me, personally, 'rules are rules'. Maybe I still can provide a little favor, it might be in terms of suggestions or recommendation towards the supervisor or so forth. But not something outside of my authority.

The Law

Correlated with our current issue, the death penalty. You want things to be equal, this is it. A minor crime has been done, the guilty still can be given a counseling and prevent a major things from happening. But when a major crime has been done. The guilty deserved to get based upon on his own action and indirectly gives a lesson to the other community members.

"dura lex sed lex"

"the law is harsh, but it is the law"

Concluding Remark

Everything has a system. These systems work by their own rules and procedures. A world of civilization should be taught with the concept, and apply the rules. For me, the rules made upon the morality and equality. To balance both of these, we removed certain matters. Win-win technique. Thank you.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


No exact answer..
No exact way..

So I need both..
and a guide together with strength..