Friday, April 29, 2011

Make It In Mp3 and Find A Subs.

Peace be upon you.

Some of us might facing a problem of only found a song in a video form instead of mp3 form. Well, sometimes I face that kind of problem, yet usually I face a kind of problem regarding the quality if I download the song directly from the 4shared and the other websites. So, youtube is another way to find a song (which is not found in other websites in mp3 form) or to find a good quality.
This is the website to convert from video to mp3.

and this is the website to search for a subtitles. Since one of my fr
iend asked me before about a website to download a subtitles.

Have a nice day. ^^

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Reen Rostarizam said...

woo..useful tool :) bleh convert video tu mp3...mcm mcm dunia skrg...teknologi smkin cggh dn blh dpt percuma je...