Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wasted Money !

Peace be upon you..

As I kept my eyes on my desktop, playing FIFA 11, out of the blue I heard my brother spoke to me. He said my notebook doesn't have any wifi problem. He just need to deal with installation of some sort of software.

When I was in Kuantan, the problem of receiving wifi connection was getting worse and worse. Day by day up till my notebook alert with the warning of 'no wireless connection available'. I brought my notebook to computer shop somewhere in Mega Mall. So, the technician there took some time to identify the main problem.

To be short, at first they installed something into my computer. Claimed that kind of thing was missing. Yet, the problem was still unsolved. After that, they did reformat.

"the thing (I forgot the name) was kept infected by the virus". Said the technician.

Expecting to find a way out since they said even we installed it, the virus will infect it. So, reformat is the only way. At last, they claimed that my notebook's wireless receiver was broken. Even he said that he already ask the other technician too. Installed that thing and reformat is the only way to identify the problem.

Paid them some money. Go to another shop to find some wireless adapter instead of invest my money to fix the motherboard. Obviously, that is the cheaper way. Total up, it costs me almost one hundred bucks. Now, I don't even need the wireless adapter ever since my brother already fixed it by did some installation of software. Even my brother said that my notebook's wireless receiver doesn't have any problem.

The irony thing here did the technician did qualified to be 'a technician' ? Go find another job dude. sigh..

Picture of the day said: "for any iPhone user, auto-correct is something usual in text a msg..but this time? haha"

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