Sunday, May 1, 2011

Express It, But Obey Them.

May the peace, mercy and blessing of Allah be upon you.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Freedom of Expression

Day by day, we all alert with the news regarding our politicians behaviour, both for the leaders of the country and those who played their role in balancing the administrative system. Rumors and stories pertaining to them and their political rivalry have never been deserted. I'm pretty sure some of you have been through with all of these stuff. Comments, condemn, giving out your arguments in using some sort of rhetorical hyperboles.

Among our society. Freedom of expression is their main principle.

"Freedom ? What is it ?"

Forget about the definitions of freedom from legal dictionary, from oxford or what ever it takes to throw out the formal concept on what is actually freedom. Why ? Because I don't give a damn about it. Basically, I'm just being sarcastic.

Frankly speaking, well actually frankly typing, this is what are we going through with. Some of you do not even have a basic knowledge either on the perspective of the practical way or theories. Despite, these guys are actually the one who keep condemning even though they have never been through the theories from the root point.

So, this is your formal definitions of freedom ? Freedom from any hard evidences, theories and even practical way in throwing out your opinion and ideology. Isn't it ? Why ?

Because you don't give a damn about it!

Obey The Tyrant

Some say, our government trying to play their role as a tyranny. Someone who is doing injustice towards another person. But have you ever questioned to yourself, is it relevant for us to overthrow the government when the most expected consequences that lies ahead is only a chaotic ? Have you ?

Questioning on 'what' is most preferable way and closely related with the concept of realism.

As according to Al-Ghazali, a prominent Islamic scholar who had contributed immensely towards the Islamic law, theology, tassawuf and philosopher, obey the tyrant is compulsory if and only if the only consequences that awaits is chaoitic. Please, please and please, read every single of my words carefully so that I don't have to explain over and over again. Islam definitely opposed the injustice.

But actually this is his most contoversional opinion regarding this matter. Yet, he never states specifically about the actual way of a 'leader who being injustice towards his citizens'. I meant, in what way. He never states that.

Yet, in his time, his sultan is the one who are going to ensure the validity of a khalifah.

For the one who using a realpolitic approach, it is a view for a particular urgency. Note that obey here is closely pertaining to don't overthrow them.

That's all.

Peace be upon you.

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