Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cigarettes vs Shisha : Ban Both of It !

Peace be upon you.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) already took a wise step by actually banning smoking in public area. Now, the Federal Anti-smoking draft law is worked out in order to increase the prices of the cigarettes in UAE.

Thankful, our government (Malaysia) did increase the price of the cigarettes. Yet, does by merely making its price expensive really works ? Hmm..I am sure some extra steps is needed to achieve our goal which is to reduce the percentage of smokers.

"Why not trying to achieve zero smokers instead of just to reduce it ?"

(-_-ll) Is this question a joke or what ? Now let me ask you back, can we ban 100 percents the import / process of tobacco in Malaysia ?

"Alright, loaded question, you may proceed" :D

But actually, neither the price of the cigarettes nor the banned of the smoking in public areas that I wanted to stress out. In the same news which states about the action taken by UAE, they also states that UAE banned shisha shops in residential areas. This is the good example. Yeah, we did banned shisha in a few places. For instance, Kota Bharu municipal has banned all the food outlets from allowing shisha smoking at their premises. That's not enough. UEA banned shisha shops in residential areas and even now the draft bylaws in UAE are being worked out to move the shops away from the residential buildings.

Well, frankly say that (based on my observation), people are way more courageous to try shisha when actually smoking shisha is 200 times worse than smoking cigarettes, said Middle East experts. Despite that, it's totally weird when people say..

"chill, I'm smoking shisha, not cigarettes" huh ?! It's a big LOL there. Maybe because of the flavour. I guess so..

Enough comments on that. That's all for this time. Peace be upon you..

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