Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ideology vs Style of Writing

Ideology and writing style

What is ideology ?

What is style of writing ?

Do both of it give the same definitions and concepts ?


Assalamualaikum to all muslim readers, and hello to non-muslims. First of all, this entry have nothing to do neither with Islam, international nor law. So, I would rather labelled it as 'complaint' instead of any of these three labels. There are three main points that I would like to point out in this entry, in which regarding to my ideology and style of writing, way to express our ideology and how our ideology develop.

Basically, whenever I or any other bloggers out there posting
their entry which regards to their opinion, thoughts, points of view and so on we could actually see their style of writing. In a mean time, each of them, including me would rather stands by our decisions, arguments, beliefs and whatsoever terms that you called that.

So, someone told me that my style of writing showing my ideology. Each of my entry. Is it ? Which means, my entries are my ideology ? No offence, but I think you got the wrong concept and idea what is actually ideology and what is actually a style of writing.

In a simple way, style of writing actually indicates about the manner which a particular writer chooses his or her own way to address an issue. We could say that style of writing actually shows how the writer choosing his or her own machinery of writing. It means, the structure and system of an organizations or process. For instance, short, simple sentences, including the usage of vocabularies and so forth.

I give you an example of my style of writing. I used to includes some sort of second character in most of my entries. Something like internal monologue. Any words or sentences with an italic form is actually indicating of my internal monologue. Like this..

"Don't you think it's quite nonsense to give an explanation regarding this simple things ?"

Get it ? So now, what is ideology ?

Psychologically, it means the social cognition. But in a simple sentence, it illustrates our beliefs, principles, a set of ideas and etc which shared by each of a members of a particular group in society. Somehow we will express it indirectly even though usually in our everyday discourse we express and throw our ideology in derogatory way. Undeniable. Inevitable.

So, does every and each of my entries illustrates my ideology. When it is more on laws and international, I believe so, but the rest ? Nope. The answer is there. Asking about axiomatic things is ridiculous. Somehow, saying something or responding towards something doesn't need our ideology. Talking or interpreting or evaluating your friends is not using our ideology. It is attitude. It is the way how that person perceives our thoughts.

I'll give you another example. Does ideology and philosophy is the same thing ? Totally not. It seems so but actually ideology is distinct with philosophy. Ideology is a set of ideas and beliefs. Philosophy in contrast examine the way ideology affects the other. Thus, sometimes interpreting something or someone is actually showing our attitudes.
Scheme of mind.

Expressing Ideology

As I mentioned just now, most of the time we actually throwing out our ideology either directly or indirectly in a derogatory way. I know you have your own stand, your own belief and principles. Somehow your ideology is right. Despite all of that, putting out your argument to ensure that people adhere and conform with you in way of no respects is very rude and harsh. There's a polite way to do that. Honestly, sometimes I did that.

For instance, everyone have their own thoughts and set of ideas regarding the politics. I believe most of them have a different belief and principles. Yet, expressing it with no respects is not a good way. When opposing something and trying to make people conform with you by actually accusing and using rhetorical way of expressing is not a fair responds.

Developing Ideology

Sometimes the way we express our ideology can be considered as our ideology. Why ? Because we develop ideology through our experience from surrounding, in results of our social interactions in social situations. It is one of the part of our social organisations and so forth.

I'm not asking for you to totally opposed any other ideology that distinct with your ideology. A little considerations and discussions are the good ways. Since the other members of the other groups living in a different environment, therefore, their ideology will develop in a different ways. Some people lives as a woman, discriminate in each of their actions and activities, thus it's a big chances for them to develop to be a feminist. Asking for a total equal opportunities and rights, and I mean a total equal rights. Can we ? Well, it is based on their ideology.

wahh..I feel so sleepy right now. That's all. Peace be upon you muslim readers and have a nice sleep guys. ^^,

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