Saturday, March 19, 2011

World's Biggest Crisis!

If you go and do some research on the internet, you would probably won't find any terms of 'war' as one of the biggest problem or crisis in the world. Trust me, I dare you to do so and what you could find is all about education, water, poverty and etc. In my points of view, there are two reasons for this;

1. Education, water and etc problem is actually killing more people than what is so called as 'war'. Tsunami killed over a millions of people in 2006 and recently in japan, it killed over hundred of thousands of people.

"what about education?". Well, an estimated of 101 million children are not in school in which more than half of them are girls. I know, at the end of the day, all of these girls will end up being either a part time or a full time chef at home. :P
Just kidding. Ok, lets get back to business, actually they are being denied for their basic human rights to education. Its hard to survive without education in our modern day right now.

"well, how about water? 70 percents of the earth are covered by water, so?". You've got a point there, but did they have not need to pay for the bills ?

"Because of that?" Of course not, what i mean is clean water. More than one out of six people have lack access to safe drinking water. 1.8 million people die every year from diarrhoel disease and 3900 children die every single day from water borne disease.

2. Because the terms 'war' is actually (for me) referred to the terms 'conflict' rather than refer it to the terms 'crisis'.

"If you say so, then what the hell with your title of your entry?"

Before I make my conclusion and gives you my answer, lets warm our brain up. To be a critical thinkers, one must not find the answer straight away, yet he or she should look for the reasons and application. Then you will understand the whole theory. Lets start with our world international issue in which it is correlated with the terms 'war'.

Yesterday, western forces hits targets along the Libyan coast by using strikes from the sea and from the air in order to force Muammar Gaddafi's troops to cease fire and end attacks on civilians. Later, an hour later in which by this morning on 20th of March 2011, United States of America and Britain warships and submarines 110 Tomahawk missiles against air defences around the capital Tripoli.

They attacks Libyan in order to stop that country from killing the Libyans' civilians, ironically, they also causes 48 of the civilians killed and another 150 injured. These leaders from USA, Britain, France, Canada and Italy had reached the consensus to take a military actions upon Libya after the claim that Gaddafi broke his pledge of a ceasefire overnight. This operation is called Operation Odyssey Dawn. This is parallel to enforced the United Nation's resolution.

This resolution was made to save the civilians (but at the same time causes a death and injury to them) and to counter attack this, Muammar Gaddafi said that he will use his civilians.

"now need to open all the buildings and provide the people with guns, with all kinds of weapons, to defend the independence, unity and dignity of Libya" ~ Quoted Muammar Gaddafi in his speech a few hours after the attack.

If you really think deeply about this particular thing, it is actually pertaining to something which we called as "Humanity Crisis". Yup, this war conflict is indirectly related to the "humanity crisis, lack of understanding". This can be said as the biggest crisis and problem right now. It is a field broad scope, humanity involving in our daily life, humanity in executing or enforcing a law and so on. But in this entry, I narrow it down into this particular terms...

"War: Lead To Lack of Humanity's Understanding Crisis"

You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for the war ~ Albert Einstein.

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