Friday, March 18, 2011

Make me understand better

Hey reader..

In this entry, I would like to talk about the techniques that you will use when you are in the middle of a discussion, or a debate or giving an advice to someone else or even when you are trying to persuade someone to believe in you. First of all, some of you might question to me what is the purpose of this entry actually. It is actually pertaining to what I faced during my final examination. Indirectly this could be a good lesson for me when ever my friends put their question upon me.

Here's the situation..

me: If you don't mind, could you please tell me a little a bit about the course that you've been taking right now.

Mr. A: Sure. First of all, we need to know did the course that I've been taking right now is legally in the eyes of law ? Yes, since Legal Profession Qualifying Board has been recognize this course in which LPQB is also recognize and establish by the Legal Profession Act under section 4 and 5 bla bla bla...

Can you see it. I'm asking this particular guy to tell, not to clarify or explain from the root point about this course. So, it is much more easier and better if this guy gives the simplest answer, yet it gives the whole pictures which regards to it. Ever heard about the Occam's Razor Theory ?

Occam's Razor Theory states that, in giving a theories, the simpler theory is to be preferred. Why ? For a better understanding. A doctor are not going to explain about the process and causes in your stomach. In contrast, he's just going to say that you are experience a food poisoning. That's it. So lesson number one, give a simplest ideas or example when I or who ever it is asking for consultation.

"But what if he or she is stupid enough to understand my simplest analogy? "

Stupid enough ? Then make them much more stupid. :)

Just Kidding, use the concept proposed by Harry Truman. "If you cannot convince them, confuse them"

" Don't you think that this concept is actually supporting your statement about make them much more stupid? " (-_-ll)

Did I ? hehe.. :P

So, lesson number two, do not and never ever use this concept proposed by Harry Truman when involving a situations like this. I mean, when it is regards to an educational matters. NEVER!
I remember when my schoolmate told me that his chemistry teacher said that "what a long answer, but I don't even know what is he trying to say". 5 science 1 and 5 science 2 have two different chemistry teachers. So, is this guy was trying to confuse his teacher in order to convince him ?
Second situation that this concept is not going to works is in a consumers-sellers-dealing stuff. Take a shot to look at ebay or mudah or etc statistics. A lot of stuff, minimal percentage of dealing matters. It is called "paradox of choice".

But, this concept might be works on a certain things especially when it is involving a political and economical matters. ^^

"Then ? The next solution iiissss..?"

If he still did not understand, ask him to go and look for another person.

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