Saturday, March 5, 2011



i greet u all with Islamic greeting of peace..assalamualikum wbt.

i've been thinking about this..i mean, i expect this to happen, in which i'm not going to up date or post any new entry on my blog when my second semester began. plus, that is what i've done in the past..i created this blog 2 weeks before my registration day for my first semester, and all that moment goes by without any new entry up till i finished my first semester. sigh..

i started to think that i don't deserved to have this blog..i have so many things in my head that i wanted to throw it out and paraphrase it into my damn blog..politics, law, friends, activities while in campus, test, assignments and so on. yet, it's all end up with nothing. but..nevermind.

i will have that moment since my second semester will be end for another 1 week. it's all about final exam before it ends.

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