Thursday, March 17, 2011

What the hell..?

Gosh! It is totally freaking me out and totally weird !

"Why ?" Because recently I've been dreaming and thinking about the same person over and over and over again in my head.

"Huh! What is so weird about that ? " Because I never talk to that person and I am really seldom to see her. Obviously, she's not my classmate and so yeah, it's weird. o.O

But never mind, maybe I'm just envy with her since she got higher marks than me in test. And out of the blue, I am eager to know about her..and out of the blue again, I just get to know that her pointer for the previous semester is juuussssttt below me. :O

"First of all ?? work hard I have to remind you every time dude ? " *sigh*
"secondly, errr...(one hour later..because I do really left my lappy, this entry for one hour).."

*to be continued....

immediately... (copy this quotes from The Simpsons Movie)

"errrrr...*it's a little bit hard when it comes to a part where I have to advice my self*.." It's called ~self-reflection~ yo.. ^^

ok. enough, it's already 3.16 in the morning. o.O Did not notice that.

p.s 1: when i said that i left my lappy for one hour..i'm just kidding. :P

p.s 2: I just got back home..yesterday my mom cannot make it to my campus, so my journey to go back home has been postpone for one day in which I should be already at home by yesterday. ^^

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