Friday, November 25, 2011

Individual Rights: Amendment of AUKU 1974

Section 15 of University and College University Act (AUKU) will be amend consistent under Political Transformation Program (PTP). Those who reached the age of majority are allowed to join a political party, yet in order to maintain a university role as an academic institution, the government said that the politics of parties shall not allowed be brought into it.

The reforms was due to the freedom of individual. Speaking of which most of the students keep saying that this is their right was in fact true, and I shall not have any objection on that. Personally, I met many of them who showed their eagerness in politics yet does not show any maturity in giving argument prudently. Giving argument does not mean we condemn a particular thing. It is two different things. Sometimes we might think that we know about 'A', but the question is, do we know the reasons of 'A' ?

For instance, most of us know what the hell is 'BERSIH 2.0'. However, how many of us knew who lead BERSIH 2.0? What is their demands? Other than 8 of their demands, how many of us knew about their demands in regards with freedom of religion? How many of us knew about NED was in fact the crucial part of that demonstration? Do they even know what is NED???

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