Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Karoshi or I Lazy?

If you guys ever wondered what does it mean by karoshi, here's the answers.

Karoshi actually means "death from overwork". It is originated from the book published by three doctors in 1982 who entitled the book, "karoshi". Surely the book noted many victims died because of overworking. *usually worked more than 60 hours a week on average.


That is the best term to describe.
People used to call me 'workaholic' when I was in higgh secondary school since I always found myself snowed under the assignments. *Do we called it assignments ?? haha..

Now? *Literally now, at this moment, exactly from 1.30 pm 'till 5 pm, 22nd of August, 2011. ^^,

'lazyholic" ?? hmmm...

Japanese poeple are totally rock who doesn't get bored when they keep work and work and work over and over again.

*did i say rock?? o.O

Well of course, I didn't know if someone has died because he got nothing to do. If you do know so, please inform me, I better put my *A double S* onto some nasty work. maybe.

p.s1: one of my bucket list is to do nothing. I mean it.

p.s2: Because i have nothing to do..i posted a new entry.. whoot! :)

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