Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Deepavali !

Actually in this entry I won't discuss about any kinds of law or politics, especially about the by-election at Batu Sapi and Galas..hehe ^^

I just want to tell about yesterday. Well, actually I'm not so prefer to type about my activity or about my routine, but ever since that there's still connection with law so I take a shot to tell about it.

so, what I did yesterday ?

~ National Library at 10 am
~ Objective: to discuss about MUET
~ Gave a shot to Hakim to have his breakfast first before discuss about MUET
~ After zohor, went to Jaya Jusco
~ Objective: to find reference books for second semester
~ Well, not even a single book that we found
~ Went to Times Square, Borders
~ At lower ground, damn small since Borders at 3rd floor is having their renovation
~ Keep does took us some time.
~ Found two out of four books
~ Drop by at KFC
~ Cybercafe for one hour
~ Went back to home.

By the way..Happy Deepavali to all of my fellow Indians friends and respected teachers.

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