Sunday, October 17, 2010

when Eddy speaks in english....

hey guys..

this new entry, i would like to talk about my speaking test. nothing special actually. it is just that, what i promise, i must deliver it. :)

ok, as usual, woke up at around 5.50 am, then make a phone call. to who? i called hajar and amir to make sure that they are not going to be late for their speaking test, since that their speaking test will be at 7.30 am.

having my breakfast, with no appetite..there's not going to work even though it is a hotdog. Facebook-ing and reading a news at is one of my compulsory activities at home. read, facebook,, facebook, music..again and again until around 8.15 am. and not to forget, CSI New York before going to school at 10 am (my speaking test will be at 11 am)..nice ha. :P

ok, to be short (cuz i am lazy to type..just wants to finish it as fast as i can..)
i am in a third group, which consists of two girls, one of them is a teslian from puncak alam..the other one, i have no idea about her.... and one man, he is a mathematics teacher. :0
of course the last one is me.. ^^o
i, as a candidate A, my instruction for task one will be.."illegal racing on a public road, discuss".
The instruction for task B will be.."which of these social problems, will be the greatest threat to our society?"

alhamdulillah..i am the one who starts the discussion and also the one who made a conclusion..
ok thats it. ouh speaking test was done around 1 o'clock and i do really hope that band 4 (at least) will be mine..insyaAllah. ^^o

ok. bye.

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Evioni said...

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