Saturday, May 22, 2010


yo, what's up!

haha..actually i thought i would post about yesterday where i went to pertama kompleks and sogo for a shopping...but i'm lazy to do that..haha :D but today, i wanna tell about it..yosh!

so, let me summarise about what i did yesterday. i went to tabung haji to pay the fee at bank Islam with my mom after solat jumaat. After that straight away i went to sogo to buy jeans, tie, seluar slack, underwear, belt and...err..that's all i guess..huhu

after that, my friends arrived, those are bob, acap, razif, irwan and firdaus. after that i went to pertama (also with them la..) to buy, sport shoes and a shoes to use it to go to class, and a bit simple stuff like shampoo, soap, colgate and bla bla bla...actually i seek for a track-suit but couldn't find it so i bought it one day later (that is today, the day i post this entry).

ok, that's all..bye, i'm not in the mood to type that long...

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